Thursday, March 1, 2012

DIY Detox

Found this thread and wondering if anyone on this forum has any experience and results doing this? There's also this zapper product I found a reference to: it increase white blood cells, cure for cancers, HIV, parasites, and more. Any inputs would be appreciated.

Ever since the days of Linus Pauling, millions of people have taken vitamin C
for all manner of health challenges, with good results. Its antioxidant power
can help almost all organs of the body, and strengthen collagen and blood
vessels. To deal with serious diseases like cancer required costly mega-doses of 50 or 100 grams per day, administered by IV. But intravenous vitamin C was beyond the means of most sick
people, and impractical for preventative use.

There is a wonderful story of a farmer in New Zealand who was dying

of swine flu (and also, leukemia). His family insisted on vitamin C infusions
by IV, but the hospital only did a few, then refused to continue despite evident
improvement. His family refused to give up, and their persistence saved his
life. See the video here:

... Living Proof: Vitamin C - Miracle Cure? - Video -

... The amazing story of a King Country dairy farmer who caught swine flu and very nearly died.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Anti Aging Formula from Dr. Oz and Montel Williams

An anti-aging formula from Dr. Oz & Montel Williams:
  1. Morning: coconut, watermelon, pineapple, spinach, green apple.
  2.  Chlorophyll combined with 1000 units vitamin D3 helps absorption and activation.
  3. B-12 megadose injection (1 ml)9$1.80/day). Yet Dr. Oz says he favors a B complex sub-lingual lozenge under the tongue, certainly cheaper.
  4. Mid afternoon: 3 root tea consisting of rhodiola, ashwaganda, and shisandra.
  5. Evening: garlic infusion, ten cloves crushed. He uses garlic as an ingredient in different dishes, soup, chicken, etc.
  6. For pain before bedtime: 30 drops of hops extract in water. Says it is a great anti-inflammatory, quells throbbing pain. Likes a foam roller for pain. Dr. Oz says  that a roller can help the lymphatic system release toxins.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Six Ways to Detox Your Body

(1) Super foods, such as Chlorella, are excellent food based nutritional supplements that help detox as well. The Health Ranger (source below) recommends five grams of chlorella daily. Shaking chlorella powder in a jar of strong unsweetened lime or lemon water creates a mix that bypasses the unpleasant taste.
(2) Cilantro extracts, juice, pesto, or leaves with chlorella is great for removing heavy metals. Cilantro alone has been clinically proven to remove mercury.
(3) Fasting for a week or so with lemon water mixed with cayenne has been effective for many.
(4) Lots of fiber in the diet aids bowel elimination. We should have two to three bowel movements daily. (5) A tablespoon of activated charcoal powder taken in water on an empty stomach for one or two weeks is great for removing toxins and even heavy metals, according to Dr. Al Sears. It's virtually tasteless, just kind of messy. (6) Enemas are proven detox methods. There is the coffee enema (organic unflavored high caffeine), which detoxes the liver, our most important toxin filter. With the coffee enema one lies on the right side for 20 minutes before eliminating. Plain water or herbal solution enemas for the bowel and lower intestines involves lying on the left side before eliminating. Either of these could be done weekly or as often as possible. Replacing What's Been Avoided There are many natural alternative products for all of the items to avoid that are safe and work well. Stay with bulk organic produce, grains, and legumes as much as possible. Organic hand soaps and shaving creams are available in health food stores everywhere. Natural soap nuts really do work for laundry items. Only a few soap nuts at a time need to be used for several washes; thus, the per load cost is ultimately inexpensive. You can save money by using cheap white vinegar for house hold cleaning. Adding baking soda with vinegar works as a cleanser for sinks and toilets. That combination can even unclog drains. Use inexpensive baking soda and hydrogen peroxide for brushing teeth. There are green dry cleaners that don't use toxic chemicals cropping up. If you can find one in your area, there's your dry cleaning replacement.