Thursday, March 1, 2012

DIY Detox

Found this thread and wondering if anyone on this forum has any experience and results doing this? There's also this zapper product I found a reference to: it increase white blood cells, cure for cancers, HIV, parasites, and more. Any inputs would be appreciated.

Ever since the days of Linus Pauling, millions of people have taken vitamin C
for all manner of health challenges, with good results. Its antioxidant power
can help almost all organs of the body, and strengthen collagen and blood
vessels. To deal with serious diseases like cancer required costly mega-doses of 50 or 100 grams per day, administered by IV. But intravenous vitamin C was beyond the means of most sick
people, and impractical for preventative use.

There is a wonderful story of a farmer in New Zealand who was dying

of swine flu (and also, leukemia). His family insisted on vitamin C infusions
by IV, but the hospital only did a few, then refused to continue despite evident
improvement. His family refused to give up, and their persistence saved his
life. See the video here:

... Living Proof: Vitamin C - Miracle Cure? - Video -

... The amazing story of a King Country dairy farmer who caught swine flu and very nearly died.