Sunday, February 12, 2012

Anti Aging Formula from Dr. Oz and Montel Williams

An anti-aging formula from Dr. Oz & Montel Williams:
  1. Morning: coconut, watermelon, pineapple, spinach, green apple.
  2.  Chlorophyll combined with 1000 units vitamin D3 helps absorption and activation.
  3. B-12 megadose injection (1 ml)9$1.80/day). Yet Dr. Oz says he favors a B complex sub-lingual lozenge under the tongue, certainly cheaper.
  4. Mid afternoon: 3 root tea consisting of rhodiola, ashwaganda, and shisandra.
  5. Evening: garlic infusion, ten cloves crushed. He uses garlic as an ingredient in different dishes, soup, chicken, etc.
  6. For pain before bedtime: 30 drops of hops extract in water. Says it is a great anti-inflammatory, quells throbbing pain. Likes a foam roller for pain. Dr. Oz says  that a roller can help the lymphatic system release toxins.